OLSE update request


1. We’d like to remove the “Escrow Fund for Workers” check box on the payment summary tab.
2. Instead, we’d like to create an “Escrow Fund for Workers” check box in every new payment created.
3. IF the “Escrow Fund for Workers” check box is checked within a payment, we’d like a number of new fields to become available on that payment
4. The fields are:
a. Date escrow check received (date field)
b. Escrow check amount (number/currency field)
c. Check number (number field)
d. Date Check to Accting (date field)
5. Note that none of these fields would need to appear in the payment summary rows – they would only need to show up when you opened a new payment or edited an existing one.
6. Finally, we’d like to set up a report that pulls all payments with the “Escrow Fund for Workers” checked, and shows all the payment data for those payments.


Jim Brodbeck


henry jiang