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Resources are links to information related to the content on the page. Examples include background information about a state/federal policy from an outside source.

You can add an page, or an external link outside of

Table of contents

Table of Contents

You can find a section for resource tiles on the following content types:

Table of contents


Writing a good resource tile

Resources are used site-wide. Their titles and descriptions must be understandable in every context.

(tick) Work off the page’s existing title.

(tick) Rewrite the page’s title to make it understandable in every context (for example, if it uses acronyms or jargon).

(tick) Mention the page’s publisher in either the title or description. (For example, a state or federal entity.) This informs the user where the link goes.

(error) Avoid writing a resource title or description that’s only understandable for a specific department’s context (for example, that gives a viewpoint to its contents)

(error) Titles cannot be longer than 65 characters.

(error) Descriptions cannot be longer than 110 characters.

Good example of a resource tile

2020 Equity Survey Report

Findings from the Office of the City Administrator's internal employee survey on racial equity.


  • Well under 65 characters

  • High-level description of what the page is (year, page title)

  • Reserves the publisher name for the description, because the page pertains to the entire city


  • Under 110 characters

  • Specifically mentions the content’s publisher

  • Specifically describes what the resource is on a high level, without a summary of the findings. The description can be used across many contexts.

Adding a resource

In the resource section, you can choose between several types of resources when you add one.

Use a link outside of

  1. Search for an existing resource first. (Tip: use the URL!)
    You can edit an existing resource after you select it.

  2. You can create a new resource if it doesn’t yet exist.

Title of the resource should be under 65 characters. Use the page’s title, and make it understandable out of context.

URL should include http://

Description must be under 110 characters. Give context about what the user will expect when they visit the resource.

Department is optional. We may use this metadata in the future.

Topic is optional. We may use this metadata in the future.

When you add an external resource, you’ll see a Remove and Edit button.

Remove will remove the resource from the page.

Edit will open the resource for editing across the entire site. See more notes about editing in the last section.

Uses a page that already exists on This pulls in the URL, title, and description from the page.

Content types that are available as Resource tiles include:

  • Information

  • Transaction

  • Resource collection

  • Report

  • Data story

Editing a resource


Avoid editing the content of a resource tile unless you are the source of truth for that resource. Resources are used site-wide, and your edit will affect every other instance of the resource.

As of February 2022, you need to edit a page that contains a resource to edit the external resource.

You need to edit the page’s title and description to change what the resource tile says.