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(all decks are in the Shareouts folder in the Google drive)

Attendance reports uploaded to


June 29, 2023


May 25, 2023


11 external folks. 13 DS folks.

11 editors from DPH, OCEIA, OEWD, OSB, among others, and 13 DS folk


11 external folks. 8 DS folks.
5 people from the Department of Elections, with representation from MTA, HR, Juvenile Probation, MOHCD and Human Rights Council. Shareout of great content from OCEIA, and conversations about how to make our buttons better for people who use screenreaders.


22 external, 8 DS folks

30 folks, 22 from other departments. Benson Tran from OEWD talked about his campaign for the Roadmap to Downtown San Francisco’s future. Including 8 from elections, 2 from HR, 2 from OCA, MOHCD, OEWD, OCEIA, Redistricting task force, OSB, and a few from DPH.