Content types

Every page on uses a content type. The content type dictates the design and content elements of the page.

Using content types correctly also helps give structure to

Each type serves a specific user need, like get a service, find out about a meeting, or learn about a news story. Site visitors build a mental model about what to expect of each page they reach. It’s important to choose the most accurate content type for your user need.

For each content type, we start with discovery research, reuse elements when possible, and iterate based on feedback. Through this process, we scale the content structure across the City via flexible templates that we continue to refine.

Table of contents


Helps San Franciscans get something done


Info page

Step by step




Informs the public about what SF is doing



Department support

Informs the public about what a specific department is doing


Sitewide pages

Pages that serve all of

Only DS admin can add a new instance of these pages



Landing page

We have retired Basic pages and are no longer creating new ones.