Use for a single interaction or exchange you can do with the City. Every piece of content on a transaction must propel the user forward in achieving a task. If content is background info, move it onto an info page.


Provide users with an entry point into something they can do or get with the City. This is often an application.


General public

How it works

Create instructional steps for completing a transaction. You can include different sets of steps for different methods, such as online vs. in person.

If you do not want to use the template on, this content type includes a URL field for an external page to redirect to.

Tagging Topics

Transactions tagged to Topics will show on that Topic page automatically, under More services. If you tag, it will show.


Get a San Francisco birth certificate, Sell cannabis at your event





  • Title and description*

  • Need to know

  • What to do*

  • Special cases

  • Custom section

  • Sidebar

    • Get help

    • Related

  • Why this service

  • Departments*

In the Related section, you can add other pages on Only a few content types can be tagged as Related:

  • Transaction

  • Information

  • Campaign

  • Topic

The title and description of these pages will appear in the bar on the right side. They will automatically update if that page is updated.

Content template to copy and use

Google Docs transaction template


We often informally call these “Services”, although technically a “Service” refers to a complete process a user wants to accomplish, while a transaction may be just a step on the way.