Content principles

1. Start with people

Talk to your readers directly. Meet them where they are and tell them what they need to do. Use words they use.

2. Make it easy

Make it simple for San Franciscans to interact with us. Hide the complexity of our departments and processes. Only give users the information they need at that time.

3. Write for everyone

Write simply. Use plain English.

Check your writing is at or below a 5th grade reading level in the Hemingway Editor.

Translate simple writing into languages residents need. Have a plan to update translations as you update the English version.

4. Engage communities

To make the most inclusive and accessible website, work with San Franciscans who might find City services hard to use.

5. Earn trust

Keep the website current, accurate and the single source of truth.

6. Hold ourselves to account

Revisit every page every year. Look at popular pages and services more frequently.

Use data to continually improve the site.

7. Digital first

Prioritize digital, so San Franciscans can help themselves when and where it's best for them.

Understand that people sometimes need help. Understand that some things need to be done in person. Be clear and straightforward on how to get that help.