Posting PDFs on transaction pages

Logging into and uploading PDFs to



Adding a new file to a transaction page

  1. Go to the page you want to add the file to. (You can also search for a “transaction” page in

  2. Click the Edit tab at the top


  3. Scroll down to What to Do > Online section, and click the Add… button, to add a Step


  4. In the Add Step Specifics section, click on the triangle next to Add Button link to open all the options. Select Add Document


  5. Click on Attach a document


  6. Click on Existing Document and search for the title of your document

    1. You can also click on the Dated Updated link, to get the most recently updated documents first.


  7. Select the checkbox on the left for the document you want to attach.

  8. Click on Attach Document.

  9. You can use the button with 3 bars to change the order of the PDFs.


  10. Save the page as Published

    1. You can change the dropdown to Draft if you don’t want to publish it right away. But people you want to look at it, also have to have logins to see it.