Adding transcripts to videos

How to add a video transcript

  1. Add video to a page on using the Youtube URL.

  2. Follow the steps to add the transcript from your Youtube video. Note that transcripts are no longer automatically imported on, so this is a manual process.

  3. Edit the transcript and save your changes.

Writing good transcripts

Because the automatic transcript only transcribes the audio, you will need to manually review and edit.

  • Fix typos and errors.

  • Remove extra line breaks and create logical paragraphs.

  • Add any text that is displayed visually in your video but not spoken, such as title screens.

  • Indicate who is talking, especially if there is more than one speaker in the video.

Read more about Transcripts from WAI.





hi I’m Chris and you’re watching

coping with co19

today we’re going to be talking 

about some of the steps you can 

take to stay safe

as we slowly lift our restrictions keep

wearing a mask when you’re 

outside your home there’s a broad

consensus among medical professionals that

wearing a mask will help contain the virus

Chris: Hi, I’m Chris and you’re watching Coping with COVID-19. Today we’re going to be talking about some of the steps you can take to stay safe as we slowly lift our restrictions.


What to do as restrictions change

Chris: Keep wearing a mask when you’re outside your home. 

Sue: There’s a broad consensus among medical professionals that wearing a mask will help contain the virus.