Use for long, text-heavy content that generally not updated after publishing.


Publish long City reports.

These reports would have typically be provided as PDFs. This web-friendly format makes documents easier to access, searchable and mobile-responsive compared to PDFs.


People with a special interest, such as activists, people who work in the field, and others with a professional or personal interest in public policy.

How it works

Copy-paste your report content into the Body. A table of contents is automatically generated from any Heading 2s in the Body.

Currently, Reports are not automatically connected to or pulled into other page types.






  • Title*

  • Date*

  • Spotlight/Summary

  • Printable PDF

  • Body

    • Headings

    • Body text

    • Images

    • Tables

    • Pull quotes

  • Table of contents/sections


In the future, we envision the ability to add interactive data dashboards (ie. PowerBI embeds) to Reports. However, Reports have a specific publish date, and we would expect the data to be static and not updated. This is one of the differentiations from Data stories.