Use for long, text-heavy content that generally not updated after publishing.


Publish long City reports.

These reports would have typically be provided as PDFs. This web-friendly format makes documents easier to access, searchable and mobile-responsive compared to PDFs.


People with a special interest, such as activists, people who work in the field, and others with a professional or personal interest in public policy.

How it works

Copy-paste your report content into the Body. A table of contents is automatically generated from any Heading 2s in the Body.

Currently, Reports are not automatically connected to or pulled into other page types.

Examples (in draft)

Economic Recovery Task Force Report, MOHCD Annual Report, Digital Services Strategy





  • Title*

  • Date*

  • Spotlight/Summary

  • Printable PDF

  • Body

    • Headings

    • Body text

    • Images

    • Tables

    • Pull quotes

  • Table of contents/sections


In the future, we envision the ability to add interactive data dashboards (ie. PowerBI embeds) to Reports. However, Reports have a specific publish date, and we would expect the data to be static and not updated. This is one of the differentiations from Data stories.