Uploading PDFs to SF.gov

Table of Contents

Adding PDFs

Content → Media → Add media → File


Enter the following:

  1. Name (as official title of the document)

  2. File (if not available on another department website - do not repeat uploads if you can help it)

  3. Document URL (if available on another department website)

  4. Published Date (this is a bit tricky*)

    1. This is no longer a required field. Ignore it if you don’t know the date

    2. If your document has a published date, it will display the date

    3. If your document does not have a date, but you have attached a file, the date space will be left blank

    4. If your document has a name, but has no date and no attachment, it will display as “Upcoming.”

  5. Description (a short summary of what the document says)

    1. Ex: “Public Health Order allowing the reopening of childcare programs and summer camps for all children.”

    2. You can add bold formatting and links to this text

  6. Department (optional, not used anywhere yet)

  7. Topic (optional, not used anywhere yet)

  8. Save

The upload limit on our server is 100mb. If your file is larger than that you will need to compress or zip it.

Adding PDFs to a page on SF.gov