2021-08-30 sf.gov team retro



Aug 30, 2021


sfDotGov team


sfDotGov team & C3


Retro for Sprint 87.


Start doing

Stop doing

Keep doing

Start doing

Stop doing

Keep doing

Better way to take in feature requests (now, someone tells Persis & she writes a ticket)

QA before everything is done

keep sizing tickets

Break down large tix that are sprawling sprints +4

Super large comment threads in JIRA, specially ones that sprawl across multiple tickets.

More retros! +1

Finalize roadmap and share with stakeholders! +3

Using a Jira workflow that strikes-through tix before they are merged +1

project planning meeting last Weds felt useful

Identify goals/epics for each sprint & better impact analysis on tickets to help with prioritization


improving Jira screen layouts and schema

Using Assignee to indicate that tix ball is in their court


the new fields in JIRA for assigned engineer, etc. are useful +1



Adding acceptance criteria to tickets +1










Action items

Break down large tickets. Keep in mind the size of tixs during sprint planning.
Limit unnecessary comments in Jira issues
Rick to share C3 engineering hour availability