Hemingway AI guidance for editors

Hemingway Editor Plus is a subscription service that utilizes generative AI. Below are guidelines for using Hemingway Editor Plus for your SF.Gov content work: 

Note: The free or standard version of Hemingway does not use AI so these guidelines will not apply. Digital Services recommends using the free version to check readability.

The top 3 guidelines for using generative AI for the City are: 

  1. Always fact check AI-generated content before using it

  2. Always disclose usage of Generative AI in your output

  3. Never enter sensitive information into public Generative AI tools, like ChatGPT. The information you enter can be viewed by the companies that make the tools, and in some cases, members of the public.

Content intended for the public is not considered sensitive information. 

For more details, see the San Francisco Generative AI Guidelines.