Developer tips and tricks


A bookmarklet is a little bit of JavaScript that you can use as a bookmark in your browser to perform context-sensitive tasks. To use one copy the text in the code block, right-click in your browser’s bookmarks bar to add a link, paste the code into URL field, and name it accordingly. Clicking on the bookmark should run the code.


This uses the very new text fragments feature (only available in Chrome and Edge as of this writing) to link to the currently highlighted text. You should see #:~:text= in your browser’s URL bar after running this, after which you can share that URL by copy and paste.

View on test


Use this to view a URL on on the test environment at You can run this on pages with anywhere in the URL, which can be helpful when you want to compare production and test environments run through external services, like What the form (see also: “WTF”, below).


What the form (WTF)


Use this bookmarklet to view the WTF analysis of a form page on (or any other Pantheon deployment URL).

Translate a form

Use this bookmarklet to see the translation view of a form, which collects all form inputs into a single page, disables conditionals, and prompts you to log in with Phrase to see translations in context.

Preview form with latest theme version

Use this bookmarklet to preview the current URL with the latest version of our theme, formio-sfds.