Testing with Screen Readers on Desktop

The following are the most common screen reader and browser combinations used among vision impaired users.

  1. JAWS (Windows based software. Need to purchase license) + Internet Explorer, Chrome or FF 

  2. NVDA (this is a free, open source, Windows based software) + Firefox 

  3. VoiceOver (iOS) + Safari

JAWS is not compatible with Microsoft Edge.

All screen readers share similar functionality and capabilities. However, keyboard shortcuts, voices, and ways of calling out links, images, and so on, vary between them. Since users will be accustomed to their preferred screen reader’s conventions, these differences don’t typically impact coding practices. The key is to adhere to accessibility standards and generally-accepted accessibility techniques.

How to enable VoiceOver on the Mac


Download NVDA


JAWS Screen Reader

JAWS screen reader by Freedom Scientific

Assistiv Labs

Test virtually with different screen readers

Screen reader/Browser Stats