SF.gov principles

1. Serves San Franciscans.

Designed around the needs of people visiting SF.gov.

2. Everyone can use it.

Accessible to people with mobile devices, older devices and browsers, assistive technologies, and with low-data connections. Meet AA+ WCAG standards. 

3. Written simply.

Plain language makes our content easier for the public to read, understand, and use. Written at or below a 5th grade reading level.

4. Translated.

Easy to access translations of vital information and services into Spanish, Chinese and Filipino. Built and written to make human translations reliable.

5. Integrated into service delivery.

SF.gov is a core part of how the City delivers services because San Franciscans expect to get great services online. 

6. Consistent and unified.

Single website for all City departments that people can trust and easily navigate.

7. Reusable and flexible.

Easy to build and maintain. Works for and across all departments.