Basics of editing pages

Finding pages

Make sure someone else hasn’t already published the same content. Having pages with duplicate content damages the page’s ranking in search engines.

Click on the Content menu item.

To find specific pages, you can:

  • Search page titles

  • Filter by content type

  • Filter for your own name in “Authored by”

How to edit

  1. Go to the page you want to edit

  2. Select the “Edit” tab

    1. If there is already a saved draft, there will be a “Latest version” tab next to “Edit.” Opening up the “Edit” tab will edit the latest version. top edit portal


  3. Your editing experience will depend on the page's content type. Sometimes you’ll need to open accordions to get to a text field.

If you don’t change anything on the page, it’s best to use the “Unlock” button to exit the screen, so another user can edit it.

Revision log

Add a brief description of the changes made to the content in the Revision log message.

You might include: image changes, annual updates, or the addition or removal of content.

This helps when looking back and previous changes.

Locked pages

If someone else has “locked” the page, check with them to make sure it’s okay to edit it. They may lose their work.

If the lock has stayed for a few days, it’s ok to unlock it without asking.

Pasting text from Word or Google Docs

After you copy-paste from a text editor or Google Doc, clear formatting with the “Remove Format” button. (Underlined uppercase T with an “x” under it.)

Saving, publishing, and archiving

Use the dropdown at the bottom to save, publish, or archive the page.