Add links to your Agency page

You can link to other pages from your Agency page in several sections:


Use a Spotlight for links you want to draw lots of attention to. Read more about Spotlights and how to make them.

Use up to 3 Quick links for top pages so your users can find them… quickly! Read more about Quick links and how to make them.


“A service is something that helps someone to do something.” -Lou Downe

In the Services section on an Agency page, you can only link to pages that are one of the Service content types. These are Transaction or Step by Step pages.

This is so the services your agency offers are easy for people to find.


In the Resources section, you can link to:

  • pages (internal), any content type

  • Other websites (external)

Here is a video on adding resources to an Agency page.

  • On your Agency page, click Edit

  • Scroll to Resources

  • Click Add a Resource section

    • You can give the section a title, or leave it blank

    • You can create multiple sections and organize pages by topic

  • To add a link:

  • When you’re done adding links, you can set up another section and add more.

  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Agency page and click save.

Meetings, Events, News, and About

For some content types, you do not have to add a link on your Agency page.

As long as you tag your Agency on a Meeting, Event, or News page, it will automatically appear in your Agency’s feed for this content type. The 3 most recent in the feed will show up on your Agency page. If you have more than 3 in a feed, a list page will automatically generate (meeting list, event list, news list).

Tag your Agency on an About page, and a button with a link with automatically generate in the Agency’s About section.